Strangest School Bans & Laws

A woman makes her support of her marriage, and...

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Educational institutions impose rules to foster positive learning environments. But these headline-grabbing bans make us ask: Have some schools gone too far?

Ban on bagged lunches? Seriously WTF!?! There is so many stupid band in our schools today. Fortunately I was never a victim of any but I really hope my kids can go to a school that has some commence sence when it comes to making rules. This allows me to go off on another tangent on a lot of the stupid laws in this nation. Laws against gay marriage, underage drinking, and public nudity are very controversial but in my opinion really stupid. Why? They don’t affect my freedom to do what I want to do. If there was a gay, nude couple walking down the street I would not be offended. If I found out the neighbor kid drinks I wouldn’t care either, except getting the help he may need.

Gay marriage: Probably the dumbest. Why should I care about other people’s private lives. If two men (or women) want to get married why should I get involved? Let them be happy and enjoy the love they share.

Underage drinking: Instead of nailing into our children that they shall not drinking untill age of 21, we should be teaching them about the effects of alcohol and how to drink responsibly. Though I am not necessarily in support for lowering the drinking age, I think we need to change what we tell our children. Yong or old, anyone can drink irresponsibly.

Public nudity: What’s up with the misconception that nudity¬†is only appropriate for families? We are brought up being told to accept fat people and not to laugh, well what’s so funny about the nude body? We all have one and it should be accepted. Families should be allowed to take a walk in the woods or go out to a dance in the natural state. Yes, all humans have a sexual nature, but society tends to associate nudity with sex far too often. Nobody should be protected for nudity, only what’s sexual. It’s about context not content. Nude is not lewd.

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